Created by the world's leading experts, Dr. Leon James (Dr. Driving) and Dr. Arnold Nerenberg (America's Road Rage Therapist). The only course in the nation that addresses modification of attitudes and behaviors for drivers of all ages. RoadRageous™ addresses the root causes of aggressive driving and changes the way people think, feel and behave behind the wheel.

Enhanced by AIPS' proprietary and much-heralded interactive training and message delivery techniques, this course provides a viable, cost-effective option for both the public and private sectors in their efforts to combat the Aggressive Driving epidemic.

This course was designed as a response to the epidemic of Aggressive Driving which cost almost 30,000 lives and $100-billion in the United States. It can be used as a stand-alone instructional tool, or as part of a comprehensive driver educational program.


Key Benefits

  • Prevent Life Threatening Behavior
  • Proven to reduce Collisions 64-74% in Independent Studies
  • Defenses Against Poor Driving by Others
  • "Edu-tainment" Keeps Classes Lively and Student Learning High
  • Taught on Your Organization's Premises
  • Economical "Train the Trainer" Programs Available for Large Organizations
  • Taught Nationwide

What makes Roadrageous™ different? 

Most driver safety education courses concentrate on re-teaching drivers things they already know: the meaning of traffic signs, how to react during a skid, etc.  However, most accidents and especially most traffic fatalities are the result of driving BEHAVIOR:  driving too fast for road conditions, driving when angry or tired, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reacting to poor driving by others on the road and so on.

Roadrageous™ was designed by psychologists to change behavior behind the wheel and to better protect drivers from the poor driving behavior of other drivers on the road…AND IT WORKS! Roadrageous™ has been documented in two independent studies conducted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of the State of Florida to reduce collisions 64-74%. 

The Roadrageous™ program has been used with great success around the country: by police departments, corporations, … even the US Army.  The Roadrageous™ course has been used in the State of Florida for over seven years to remediate drivers convicted of aggressive driving.

Roadrageous™   is an 8 hour classroom course.  It features our exclusive  "Edu-tainment" style that combines skits, games, videos, student-instructor interaction, student-student interaction and oh yes, a little straight instruction to make the time go by quickly and the lessons stick.  The course is not designed to teach people how to drive, it is designed to help them acknowledge their negative driving habits and attitudes and to give them the a "tool kit" to change their behavior and decision making process behind the wheel.

IWhat more can we say?  It's fun, it's cost effective ... and it works!   If driver safety is a concern for your organization, then you need to contact us now.

Testimonials regarding the Roadrageous Course

"We absolutely LOVED the training and hope to schedule another session before the end of the year..."  -Susie Bruckschen - LaFarge North America

“Informational, best training ever attended” – US Army Recruiting Command driving instructor

 “Increased self awareness of my aggressive driving and how to deal with others.  Great Course” – Army Corps of Engineers participant

 “Worthwhile.  Interesting.  Entertaining.  Good instruction.  He made the class fun and kept us engaged” – Sailor, Mayport Naval Base

“This course is very helpful in matters of understanding traffic safety and self behavior while driving” – Sailor, Jacksonville Air Station

 “Thanks for the opportunity to learn and see a new prospective on driving overall” – Truck Driver – CSX

"This is a well-conceived curriculum with a strong potential to have a lasting positive impact on the driving behaviors and attitudes of students." - Frederick A. Marsteller, Ph.D

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