Are you a safety training company or a driving school looking for a cutting edge driving safety program that is proven to reduce collisions?  Consider becoming a licensee for our ground breaking Roadrageous™ Aggressive Driver program. 


This program is completely different from other driver safety programs in that it does not seek to improve the student's knowledge about safe driving; rather it is designed to change the student's attitudes and behavior behind the wheel.  This is what makes it different and this is why it works.  Some key facts about Roadrageous™:

  • The course was designed by two psychologists who specialize in driving behavior

  • Independent studies by the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles showed a 64-74% reduction in collisions among the Roadrageous™ students vs. a 24-40% reduction among the control groups.

  • The course is designed with "Edu-tainment" in mind with little lecture and a great deal of interaction among the students and the instructor and the students and each other.  There are frequent breaks for self-tests and videos.  It is a fun class to take and a fun class to teach!

  • We have two specially modified versions available: one for teens and young drivers and another for Law Enforcement Personnel.


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