Roadrageous For Teens

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSHA) reports that 7,386 teenagers between the ages of 16-20 were killed in 2004.

  • NHTSA further reports that teenage drivers account for only 7% of the driving population in the U.S., yet they account for 14% of the fatalities and 20% of the collisions.

  • Based on estimated miles traveled annually, teen drivers age 16-19 have a fatality rate four times the rate of drivers age 25-69. Sixteen-year-old drivers have a crash rate three times more than 17-year-olds, 5 times greater than 18-year-olds, and two times that of 85-year-olds. (NHTSA, 2001)

  • More than half of teen drivers will be involved in a crash before age 20 (Governor's Highway Safety Association).

Why should these statistics be true when most teen drivers have recently completed both classroom AND behind-the-wheel training?  What makes Roadrageous™ for Teens different? 

Most driver safety education courses concentrate on teaching student drivers  the meaning of traffic signs, how to react during a skid, etc.  However, most accidents and especially most traffic fatalities are the result of driving BEHAVIOR:  driving too fast for road conditions, driving when angry or tired, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reacting to poor driving by others on the road and so on.

Roadrageous™ was designed by psychologists to change behavior behind the wheel and to better protect drivers from the poor driving behavior of other drivers on the road…AND IT WORKS! Roadrageous™ has been documented in two independent studies conducted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of the State of Florida to reduce collisions 64-74%. 

The original Roadrageous™ program has been modified to be more accessible to the teenage audience without losing its powerful message and true effectiveness.

Roadrageous™   is an 8 hour classroom course.  It features our exclusive  "Edu-tainment" style that combines skits, games, videos, student-instructor interaction, student-student interaction and oh yes, a little straight instruction to make the time go by quickly and the lessons stick.  This course is not designed to teach young people how to drive, it is designed to change their dangerous behavior, negative attitudes and poor decision making process behind the wheel.

Teen Roadrageous Course Objectives
  1. Identification of aggressive driving behaviors in oneself and others.

  2. Development of a Personal Driving Conscience.

  3. Education about potential consequences of aggressive driving.  Eliminating harmful, negative driving attitudes and developing and strengthening positive driving attitudes.

  4. Prevention of involvement in aggressive driving "Road incidents".

  5. Intervention in self-destructive behavioral patterns specific to aggressive driving. Identifying with the needs of the entire driving community

  6. Understand the basic facts and solutions to impaired driving (DUI, Anger, Advancing Age, Emotions, Inexperience, Fatigue, Illegal Drugs, Medications).

  7. Motivation for positive attitudinal and behavioral change, as well as lifelong driver self-improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Prevent Life Threatening Behavior
  • Proven to reduce Collisions 64-74% in Independent Studies
  • Defenses Against Poor Driving by Others
  • "Edu-tainment" Keeps Classes Lively and Student Learning High
  • Taught on Your Organization's Premises
  • Economical "Train the Trainer" Programs Available for Large Organizations
  • Taught Nationwide
What more can we say?  It's fun, it's cost effective ... and it works!   If teen driver safety is a concern for your organization, then you need to contact us now.
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